We are carrying field recording equipment for the collection and performance of songs, interviewing of people and picking up the sounds of the environments we pass through.


At some point we’d like to use some of this for a radio program.


We’d also like to come sing and chat on the local radio station as we pass through your area.


Previous Radio Appearances

We have been interviewed on BBC Radio 4, Radio World Service with Matthew Bannister, Radio NewsTalk, Ireland, and various local radio stations. Songs have been played on BBC Radio 2 with Mike Harding.


BBC Radio 4 – Ramblings with Clare Balding

This 25 minute episode of “Ramblings” was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, on Saturday the 6th of June 2009. Please listen to the broadcast below. Or visit the BBC page here.

Ed, Clare and Will

BBC World Service

This was a short interview with Matthew Bannister, which probably reached the furthest audience imaginable. Thank-you BBC. And thank-you Matthew Bannister, who wrote a short line of verse to welcome us to his show. And thank-you World Service, who sent us little round badges afterwards, like Blue Peter.

We recorded it in an ancient dusty room in Kent University, and none of the 1950s machines worked for ages, despite frantic instructions from the producer to press this, and that button, again and again.

Eventually, Ginger realized the plug was only half in, so just in time, the interview happened.

Listen to it:

BBC Radio Kent

We recorded this in Tunbridge Wells, after only a week of walking.

It was a funny little gig, but we were very happy to meet the man, and his two young associates.


BBC Radio Oxford

Felicity Ford, an excellent sock-knitter and great sound-recordist, interviewed us in Kent for her show about the A4074. Here is the brief result:

And Here is the journal entry.

BBC Radio Kent

Broadcast on BBC Radio Kent on Tuesday 22nd September 2009. Last in a 6-part series focussing on Kentish characters, tracked down and interviewed by Richard Dadd and Dan Fryer from the bakery. Recorded in woodland outside Monmouth in the summer of 2009.


Dan & Richard, with Will & Ed