There have been a few TV appearances, little BBC mini-docos and local news. See below for a couple of them.


We’ve tried a number of ways to demonstrate televisually the rare Britain we encounter. These attempts have so far been thwarted either by camera people who can’t keep up, lack of regular visits to us while on journey, or the difficulty in weaving a film camera into very intimate scenarios and spontaneous occurrences that are the real juice of the journey.


We can see now that if a quality film is to be made, it requires a healthy level of immersion into the walk by the cameraman. This will bring all the footage necessary to make what we feel would be a uniquely beautiful window into the life and land of the island, presented within an ongoing journey adventure.

We hope to have the opportunity to do this sometime.


This is us on Secret Britain, BBC 1 in 2010.

This film was made by Molly King in 2006. The short documentary won an RTS Award and has been shown on BBC South.