All Lyrics to CD Album “Songs”

Here are all the Lyrics to our debut album, Songs.

Please take these songs, and make them yours, and your friends’ and childrens’.

Keep them, and give them away. Learn them, sing them, change them.

In the shower, while washing up, to the stars and starlings, please sing them.

And if you don’t already have a copy…


home’s where the song is sung


First Review of CD Album

This is the first CD album review we have received, and we are well grateful. 8 starry points out of a potential 10 – it’s just like being back at school – good boys…

But apart from our own ego-flattery, this article provokes many good questions about the nature of modern traditional music in our societal context.

We like it. Read it HERE.


the debut album

Our CD is Released!

Our album, ‘Songs’ by Ed, Will and Ginger, is available on CD now.


Please buy it here, and enjoy the good old songs of this land, as sung by us.

Priced £10, it has 16 tracks, traditional classics and modern bangers alike.

If you would prefer to send us a cheque then let us know and we’ll give you and address.

Available right until Christmas, we will be walking it to the post-office each day from now until the last post.

Ancient corkers like ‘Tom of Bedlam’, as well 20th century staples like ‘Albert Berry and the Coal’, are featured. It has Ed on various stringed instruments, Ginger on drums and organ, and all of us singing our hearts right up.

It’s ideal for almost any family member or friend. It’s a beautiful object, with layers to unwrap. There’s kicks for all the gang in these good old songs, for old Auntie Jane and odd cousin Billy, for sister, boyfriend, dad or granny. It’s a good thing, and we are happy to put it out.

All the lyrics to the songs are written out HERE.





Our debut CD

Here comes more cherry chatter…

Ideally sized to fit snugly in most seasonal stockings, this is a stunning item, far more than just a CD, with a 20 page booklet, packed with stories and information, informative and amusing, and stunning full-colour illustrations and photographs. It also comes with a 2-sided poster!

We’re coming to enjoy saying that. It’s all eco-printed too, although our confusing requests to the printers meant it wasn’t tapped onto the packaging.

So please accept our small apologies for the delay, and please be assured of our great joy at reaching the final stage of our first CD project, this small but well-timed release. We hope you’ll find it a unique and worthwhile object, beautiful, educative and nourishing.


And may the very best of this cold season, much good deep rest, and all joys of the hearth, be found and held by you and yours at this time,

and cheerio for now.

Will and Ed (and Ginger too)

PS Click READ ON if you want to know more about how we got the CD out…


The CD Album


This winter we stayed at home and made an album.

It is a selection of seventeen songs we like to sing, sixteen traditional and one of our own.

It is available for download NOW, from  HERE at the Pondlife Studios website, a brilliant indepenent  music resource.

The CD proper is in the process of designing and printing. It has some stunning artwork by Shelley Mould,  tales of the songs and their histories. If you would like a copy LET US KNOW and we will contact you when the record arrives.

Here is a sample track from the album called Spenser the Rover:

We’ve been sorting the printing and editing while being on the road, so for  those waiting for copies to arrive, we won’t be long now.

The Folk Theory

‘Folk’ can often seem a dirty word. It is, in certain wide circles, a joke with a punchline of beards and sandals. But these circles inevitably buy into their own silly musical preferences, and that’s fine.

People use the word ‘folk’ to point out things that they both identify with, and don’t. ‘Folk’ means the common culture of all people, but not me. I’m distinct. I’m modern.

Our understanding is that all music is ‘folk’, is rooted in the musical traditions that came before. Even music that apparently rebels, that hopes to sound different and move away from earlier styles, is being directly influenced by old music. The old is always the point of departure for the new.

long-beardFolk is everyone, is all people. Our music, our culture, comes from people, who all have more in common than they are distinct. Indeed, despite (or due to) this obvious fact, that national cultural traditions belong to, and form, their home-landscape, ‘folk’ values have been used as a weapon to encourage barriers and war. Nazi Germany famously mass-published its acceptable canon of national song, with lyrics designed to glorify Nazi values, and with rousing tunes to inspire valour and triumph. But this is normal human power games. Ever since the printing press was made, ballads of dubious anonymity have been published and circulated, in the hope of tricking people, by music, to accept a lie. Various kings, governments, and toothpastes have sought to convey their message with the help of a good tune and a well-written lyric. This seems to be what ‘folk’ do.