Our CD is Released!

Our album, ‘Songs’ by Ed, Will and Ginger, is available on CD now.


Please buy it here, and enjoy the good old songs of this land, as sung by us.

Priced £10, it has 16 tracks, traditional classics and modern bangers alike.

If you would prefer to send us a cheque then let us know and we’ll give you and address.

Available right until Christmas, we will be walking it to the post-office each day from now until the last post.

Ancient corkers like ‘Tom of Bedlam’, as well 20th century staples like ‘Albert Berry and the Coal’, are featured. It has Ed on various stringed instruments, Ginger on drums and organ, and all of us singing our hearts right up.

It’s ideal for almost any family member or friend. It’s a beautiful object, with layers to unwrap. There’s kicks for all the gang in these good old songs, for old Auntie Jane and odd cousin Billy, for sister, boyfriend, dad or granny. It’s a good thing, and we are happy to put it out.

All the lyrics to the songs are written out HERE.





Our debut CD

Here comes more cherry chatter…

Ideally sized to fit snugly in most seasonal stockings, this is a stunning item, far more than just a CD, with a 20 page booklet, packed with stories and information, informative and amusing, and stunning full-colour illustrations and photographs. It also comes with a 2-sided poster!

We’re coming to enjoy saying that. It’s all eco-printed too, although our confusing requests to the printers meant it wasn’t tapped onto the packaging.

So please accept our small apologies for the delay, and please be assured of our great joy at reaching the final stage of our first CD project, this small but well-timed release. We hope you’ll find it a unique and worthwhile object, beautiful, educative and nourishing.


And may the very best of this cold season, much good deep rest, and all joys of the hearth, be found and held by you and yours at this time,

and cheerio for now.

Will and Ed (and Ginger too)

PS Click READ ON if you want to know more about how we got the CD out…

Ed and Ginger, in their earliest twenties, were in a band called ‘Ye Wiles’. Obscure though this may sound, they were big in the UK ska-punk scene, causing many a great explosion of teenage mosh-joy. They were signed to a label named ‘Household Name’, and when they stopped their seeming endless van tour of the UK, they wisely invested their gig and cd money into decent second-hand studio kit.

The upshot is that we have access, while in Kent, to an analogue/digital mix-up, varied bits and bobs that let us record this album ourselves.

This helped us all a lot, as we were approaching the album in some haste, while trying to get organized to go walking again, build a website and write a book.


things grow…

It got mostly done, and each song evolved under the microphone’s ear, till we often didn’t recognize the outcome. Ginger mixed and mastered it all, and then, before we could take another breath, we strapped bags to backs and walked.

Many adventures followed, and the new experiment in our journey, the pretty website, took up far more spare time than we could muster. So the CD lingered, a master disc stashed at the bottom of each bag, a small weight that promised future greater lightenings..

The last of these discs perished 5 months later, in a cave flood on the edge of Wales, which nearly washed away Ed’s whole bag and kit, a tale we’ll later tell.

So after a while in Wales, we popped back to London to sing in the South Bank Centre, and decided to get the CD done. But again it took, as we should have guessed, far longer than anyone imagined.

So glorious it was, yesterday morning, when the CD arrived on a pallet. We managed to arrange them a ride to the edge of the woods, then carried the boxes down to our small home (which, we still marvel, really is warmer than outside…). We had it printed by Davis Rubin, a young British company who accommodated, with marvellous cheer, our vagueness and last-minute alterations.

The artwork was the fruit of our friendship with a girl named Shelley, who we knew through friends and parties in Brighton. Actually, we know her through a girl named Chrissy and a boy called Ryan, two beautiful legends from the edges of the Canterbury Scene. Anyroad, Shelley just drew some things, as she does, which were intensely complexly beautiful, real delights of artwork to look at and hold.

With the help of our good friend Alaric, who comprises our team, Shelly’s pictures were made digital, and could become the aesthetic heart of both website and album.

We have learned a great deal of the many stages of this process, and we hope you’ll agree that the final result is worth the slow build.

If you’ve questions about any of it, please write in asking.

Enjoy the album…

14 Responses to “Our CD is Released!”

  1. Brenda says:

    I recently saw you on Secret Britain. After some detective work, I discovered your site? Is your CD still available? I do desperately want to get one!

  2. Bex says:

    Ah! Wow… I’m all very late about this… is the CD still running about? I watched the clip of the BBC thinger-majigger (I shall try to find the full thing somewhere online, it looks wonderful! My hometown is Reigate right underneath the North Downs, although I now potter about in Cornwall).

    I enjoyed how the first song clip was of “My Son John” – this is the first song I ever learnt how to sing, as I’m in a (now mostly defunct due to various band members dispersing all over the place) sea shanty band! The Falmouth Fish. We of course also sing many other songs… perhaps you know a few. Us lot down here in Falmouth area are very into our folk, you know :)

    Hope to hear back, I really would rather like a copy of the CD…!

  3. Carolin says:

    Have been meaning to send for your CD for some time and so glad I did. It arrived on Friday like a gift, woodily fragranced as if it had been stored in some woodturner’s workshop or a hayloft (please don’t say it was kept in the cupboard under the stairs or a cardboard box under the bed). A timely arrival too for there was a picture of you all at the Temple of the Winds where my daughter and I had been picnicking that very afternoon.
    The three-part singing is rich, if any instruments are added it’s a pleasant bonus, their absence had not been missed. Looking forward to hearing more from your next project. Keep singing and walking in 2011.

  4. The Fat Milkman says:

    Watched Secret Britain last week and heard you lads harmonize, what a treat, just the voices and nothing else. I went on the BBC website to try and find out if you had recorded any material and was pleased to find your webpage, have purchased your CD and look forward to listening to it when it arrives, hope the exposure on the box puts some brass in your pocket, all the best for future, John.

  5. Bill Bates says:

    Can I purchase the CD by ordinary cheque, please?
    Best regards.

  6. Ru_Anderson says:

    Ordered the early version and haved asked for a nice boxed version to keep it company.
    I hope the expansion of your team will soon lead to a sequal?

  7. Ru_Anderson says:

    I was an early adopter ad so had the album before the art work.
    Ive sent the mail and web links to all in extended friends and family list – as someithing of interest. with a gentle reminder that my birthday is upcomming.

    I hope my misfortunde in aquiring 20 identical copies of the cd is of some gain to you! And ill donate them to varous worth causes.

    If however Im cursed (eg by all contacts pleading poverty or failing minds) and have none bought for me – Ive warned them that ill forward them your email directly with instructions to spam them mercilessly next time one of you has a sprained ankle and the facility to do so!

    Hope the home is keeping the frost n snow at bay.

  8. Jim M says:

    Hello Gentlemen

    I ordered your CD on Wednesday 16th Dec and it arrived a couple of days later, in plenty of time for Christmas. Trouble was, my wife snatched it out of my hands, gift-wrapped it, and wouldn’t let me open it until Christmas day! I’ve played it several times since opening it yesterday, and it is very, very good indeed – and very beautifully presented as well.
    A particular highlight is your version of the Ted Edwards song “The Coal and Albert Berry” – probably the best version I have heard so far. I have heard Ted himself since this song several times over the years, and I think he would very pleased with your arrangement.

    Wishing you Peace and Plenty in 2010,
    Jim M.

  9. George D says:

    Well Santa has just been and I was delighted to find “Songs” at the bottom of the stocking! What a wonderful and unexpected present from my son Richard. We have been listening to it all morning and it has been so atmospheric. Brilliant!

  10. Maurice says:

    Received the album. Thank you. It is brilliant. Pure singing, without lots of gimmicks.
    I hope you enjoy your winter in Wales.

    Seasons greetings to you all,


  11. Sian Hemmings says:

    I hope the music (and i know it is) is as beautiful as the album cover which is truly inspirational in itself and makes me weak at the knees just looking at it! :)

  12. Jamie M says:

    Just bought two copies boys…Only found your site the other day! In current times of materialism,celebrity worship and other joys of the way we supposed to ‘live’ i think you guys are an inspiration.I for one will be out to sleep in the nearest woods as soon as possible…. and im not joking either!

  13. Jane says:

    Hi there, Ed and Will
    It is a joy to Barry and me too that you have the precious CD packs in your own hands and that they are giving you such pleasure. Truly a feast for the eyes and heart.
    I have just browsed through the pages of your latest adventures in the forest home – I hope you took a pic of the stack of boxes on the pallet! That must be the most unusual delivery address ever!!
    All good wishes to you and yours and here’s to a fantastic 2010.
    Season’s Greetings
    Jane and Barry

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