The CD Album


This winter we stayed at home and made an album.

It is a selection of seventeen songs we like to sing, sixteen traditional and one of our own.

It is available for download NOW, from  HERE at the Pondlife Studios website, a brilliant indepenent  music resource.

The CD proper is in the process of designing and printing. It has some stunning artwork by Shelley Mould,  tales of the songs and their histories. If you would like a copy LET US KNOW and we will contact you when the record arrives.

Here is a sample track from the album called Spenser the Rover:

We’ve been sorting the printing and editing while being on the road, so for  those waiting for copies to arrive, we won’t be long now.

11 Responses to “The CD Album”

  1. Samuel Geletka says:

    You are very good singers . Please don´t stop with singing folk songs . Your fan Samuel from Slovakia .

  2. Samuel Geletka says:

    You are very good singers . Please don´t stop with singing . Your fan Samuel from Slovakia .

  3. Geoff & Lin says:

    Simply wonderful. We were in Crete this summer and it was our cd of choice and so much so our Cretan friends want copies and will receive same. Your renown spreads……

  4. Colette Coen says:

    Greetings from Eire. Lovely singing, great harmonies, and great songs. Best of luck to ye!!

  5. Ed says:

    Excellent stuff! Just heard you on Radio 4 and felt soothed and inspired in equal measure. An example to us all of what we once were – and still could be. Good luck to you all.

  6. W B Barratt says:

    We both enjoyeed your songs so much. How can we buy a copy of the disk?

  7. Suemax says:

    Oh – joy The Watersons reborn! Lovely, uplifting music. Happy trekking from a fellow traveller.

  8. Valerie says:

    Wonderful, rousing, stirring music – I’ve come late to folk, having only recently discovered Spiers & Boden, Bellowhead and Faustus – but you are certainly up there with them. I wish you all possible success and hope to catch if you fetch up in Cirencester.

  9. Will Belcher says:

    Keep doing it! Me and the kids loved it

  10. Jane says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!! It did me good to hear such lovely music. Good luck to you all!

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