Other Musicians

A man called…Sam Lee

Those of you familiar with Sam Lee will be eager to jump straight to the recordings of him (scroll down down down).

Those who know nothing of the name, the man, or the songs, might wish to read on awhile…


heroically leaping herrings, Sam is well-known for his good leather boots


Susi Ro and Ayla

We met Susie Ro and Ayla in Falmouth, where they were sharing a bed in their chilly van, next to a cottage, above the international dock.


Ed had spotted them as they drove through town in their van, and had run after them, as he recognized them from Small World Festival. But they out-sped his best pace.

In Penzance, a few weeks later, we met a girl called Daisy, who sang a song about magpies, that was most excellent.  She knew the girls, got us their number, and we arranged to meet at a gig in Falmouth, a few days later.


Ye Wiles

This was the band with which Ed and Ginger first went funny.

Deservingly popular on the UK ska scene, their live performances were legendary, with the audience dripping off the ceiling in tumults of moshing mayhem.

They are no longer playing together, but are always contemplating a reunion tour, sometime soon, perhaps tomorrow…

They released a few Eps, and one album, called ‘Smoothing Away the Horrors of Indigestion.”

Here is music: