Susi Ro and Ayla

We met Susie Ro and Ayla in Falmouth, where they were sharing a bed in their chilly van, next to a cottage, above the international dock.


Ed had spotted them as they drove through town in their van, and had run after them, as he recognized them from Small World Festival. But they out-sped his best pace.

In Penzance, a few weeks later, we met a girl called Daisy, who sang a song about magpies, that was most excellent.  She knew the girls, got us their number, and we arranged to meet at a gig in Falmouth, a few days later.

The gig was great, a mad looming dance in a packed pub, and the band The Raggy Trousered Philanthropists, were incredible to enjoy.

That night we danced possessed, and we met many fine Falmouth people. We walked back to stay with the people we had met, and all sat for an hour, on the way home, singing and chanting under a railway bridge that gave incredible acoustics.

Overtone singing was particularly effective. Two lads, also walking home from the pub, couldn’t work out how the noise was coming. “We heard it right down the street…” They initially are a little shy (you wouldn’t have guessed it) about coming to sit with us all, but the girls shouted them over, which they couldn’t refuse.

Susi Ro and Ayla are two most gifted and generous musicians. They sing together, with a guitar and sometimes a piano. Each girl writes her own songs and tunes, which the other supports and augments. Individually, they are amazing, and together phenomenal. They are regular buskers, and caused a mighty show when the international tall ships festival was in Falmouth. All the world’s sailors marched up the street together, and each crew had someone run to them, to lift, twirl and dance with them.


They wrote us this song, about our meeting in Cornwall:



The two of them have walked with us at different times on this journey, and will do so again. Their trust in people, and music, is intense, and you will doubtless see them play at a festival near you this summer.

If you want to purchase a copy of their stunning debut album, please click the button below, (it is their button, not ours)

Other peoples’ words will end this best:

‘these soulful songstresses will astound you with their exquisite vocal harmony and enchanting presence’

“voices like caramel and velvet”

‘angels kissing the back of your neck’


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  1. Sean says:

    Saw Susie Ro & Ayla in Baraka (a Cafe in Orgiva, Spain) a few years ago and I was completely spellbound by their voices. Unfortunately I never got to wear the CD I brought that day out as it was lost in a car fire recently so I’m buying another one just now, I strongly urge anyone reading this to do the same!

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