All our website music, here…

This is all the music on the website, put in an easy to find place.

We hope to make things easier for people interested mainly in the music we make.

For us, the songs we sing are crucially aligned to our movement through landscape.

That means live, unamplified, on the land, and to people…

But this is only a website. If you want to listen to all the songs available here, without having to trudge through text and photo, this page is for you.

(Press MORE for the songs…)


Spenser the Rover, recorded in February 2009 for the ‘Songs’ album.

Albert Berry and the Coal, recorded in February 2009 for the ‘Songs’ album.

Drunken Sailor, drunk, October 2010:

Topsoil – our own track

The Leaves of Life (Seven Virgins), singing down a 300ft well near Winchester, April 09:

Country Life, album out-takes, autumn and winter verses:

I needed a neighbour, great big last verse, with Susie and Ayla in Michelmersh church, May 09

Fiddlers Green, by a stream near Monmouth, beside the Offa’s Dyke path, July 2009:

Ryb an Avon by the Thames

Grey Funnel Line underneath the aquaduct of dreams, with Ginger,winter 09/10:

Ginger’s soundcheck

Hit my baby

Hal an Tow – to Terry in Devizes

Chap on the accordian, playing irish dance, Upton, Salisbury Plain, May 09:

Simon Hedger of Carmarthen – Come Along (on a homemade string instro)

Introducing Elvis of Preseli, who played with us at the Fforest Inn:

Susi Ro and Ayla – These 4 – a track written for our meeting

O Lord Hear my Prayer, in Michelmersh church with Susie and Ayla, May 09:

Fare thee well lovely Nancy, sung around a fire on the South Downs, April 09:

Supper Songs

recorded summer 2008 with Ed,Will and Ginger, our first crack at studio recording:

Harvest Song

Grey Funnel Line

Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy

Diggers song

Fiddler’s Green

John Barleycorn


Sam Lee

came out to see us in Wales, winter 2009/10, and here he is singing:

Van Dieman’s Land

Henry Martin


Radio Shows 

Ramblings on Radio 4 with Clare Balding

BBC Radio Kent with Dominic

BBc Radio Oxford with Felix Ford

BBC World Service with Matthew Bannister

BBC Radio Kent with Rich and Dan

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  1. Chris says:

    I may be writing this in vain but what happened to all the music? I can’t play anything on either IE or Firefox. I loved coming here to just sit and listen. Is the music coming back?

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