Who We Are

We are a movement of people rediscovering Britain through songs and journeys on foot.


ED AND WILL (and sometimes Ginger)

Ed Will Wye Valley 2009

Our names are Ed and Will, and we make journeys.

These journeys last many weeks, and sometime months, at the speed of man (or slower).

“Why bother?” good people occasionally demand, and on some cold nights this doubt nags thorny.

For what can these slow, old-fashioned ramblings hope to achieve? Are we not disengaging, merely drifting in ancient dreams?

Our answer usually sounds like this:


Humans are the upright strollers of the great monkey family. Walking is our species’ root technology, and great advantage. It defines our kind.

Will Silbury 2009

Outside, walking, you’re instantly part of living Albion, the hedged and wild-flowered land of our ancestors. Each corner turned brings new conjunctions of history, land and self. Secret doors curl inward, inviting deep exploration.

Ed Pembrokeshire 2009

For the mind, soul and body, walking is an expansive act – it opens gates into the landscape, turning swift glassy images into smells, aches and wonders. The hedgerows bubble to glory as the birds sing the seasons. Fresh water flows from the ground, and song rises from our throats.


A walker’s life is without central-heating, electricity, broadband, fridge, bathroom, mattress, carpets or television. Living without these daily boons, and believing you are still winning, is a trick that takes slow-learning.

going home time

We walk, sing, meet and learn, encountering Britain’s multiple landscapes of history, culture, nature and dream. Wild food and medicinal plants become allies. Bushcraft becomes basic civilization, and people become experts of their realm.

Will Wans dyke 2009

We want to share what we find. This land is not threatening, spoiled, dull, nor depressed. It is vibrant and beautiful; it is our best characteristic.

bilberry picking

And that’s why we go walking.

 Will Ed Gospel Pass 2009

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Will Ed Standing Stone 2009